STOP MOTEL established in 2006 offers accommodation for 110 guests. For your comfort we offer single, double, triple, quarto and five places rooms. Also we have two lux type rooms. Car parking safety is provided for extra charge.

The minimum price and the maximum comfort are provided in newly reconstructed rooms. In Motel lobby you can refresh yourself with various drinks, coffee, beer and light snacks. The “Bell Pepper” café is offering nutrition services from 8.30 AM till 22.00 PM at the first floor of Motel.

The cozy  design of rooms provides you comfort for your resting or working time. For your convenience:

·         Cabel TV;

·         Wireless internet;

·         Refrigerator (available in lobby and lux type rooms);

·         Comfortable beds and other facilities;

STOP MOTEL is located in Kaunas car market, strategically convenient point of city. Close to Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipeda highway. It takes only 10min to Karmelava airport by car. Motel is especially convenient for car traders, because all the services of commission, bank, registration (“Regitra”), insurance, repair and lots of others are right here.

STOP MOTEL is the best and cheapest place for your accommodation in Kaunas, because we are very easy to find!

Taikos pr.145, Kaunas LT-51140
+370 686 20134